Will Israel Take Khan Younis City Hall by December 15th?


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Implied Probability: 7%
European Decimal Odds: 14.286
American Odds: +1328.6
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2023-11-18 2023-12-16 USD 0%


This is a market on whether the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will take possession of the Khan Younis City Hall in southern Gaza (also called municipality; located at: 31°20'39.0"N 34°18'34.5"E) according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) by December 15th. A link to the ISW's map is here. The area of the map including the Khan Younis City Hall must be shaded light blue, the color indicating "Reported Israeli Clearing Operations". Note that "Claimed Israeli Further Advances" will not count as Israeli control. If the ISW's map doesn't exist this will resolve according to other ISW reporting or, if the ISW does not comment on it, based on other credible news sources. If no credible sources report that the city hall in Khan Younis has been taken, the market resolves to "No". Insight Prediction reserves the right to make a judgement call based on the best available evidence in the event that resolution is ambiguous.  

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Here is a map of the the City Hall's location: