Will Biden Take a Drug Test Before Trump debate?


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Implied Probability: 2.5%
European Decimal Odds: 40
American Odds: +3900
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2024-05-20 2024-05-17 23:32 ET 2024-06-27 USD 0.075%


On May 17 it was reported that Trump wants Biden to take a drug test before the first debate, stating "I'm going to demand a drug test. I don't want him coming in like at the State of the Union. He was as high as a kite!" This market will resolve to "Yes" if President Biden takes a drug test before his first debate with Trump, currently scheduled to take place on June 27. Otherwise this market will resolve to "No." If no debate occurs before the election, this market will resolve to "No." The resolution source will be information from President Biden and the White House, however a consensus of credible reporting will be used.