Will There be a Comment Paper Accepted on any Article by Nick Bloom, John van Reenen, Enrico Spolaore, or Romain Wacziarg by 12/31/2023?

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2024-02-12 2024-01-05 USD 0%


This market will resolve as "Yes" if there is a "comment paper", or critical replication, accepted for publication in a top 150 peer-reviewed, academic economics journal which purports to overturn the results of a published, peer-reviewed paper by any of these authors: Nick Bloom, John van Reenen, Enrico Spolaore, or Romain Wacziarg, by 12/31/2023. This could include a comment pointing out a coding error, or a robustness exercise alleging that an academic, peer-reviewed paper by one of these authors is not robust. If any of these authors has a paper retracted, this market will also resolve as yes. Any paper that is already in an R&R stage as of 3/27/2022 does not count. For the purposes of this market, the list of journals has to be a top 150 journal on the "recursive, discounted" Ideas rankings, accoding to the "simple" criterion. There are no fees of any kind collected on this market.