Will Insight Prediction Become a Unicorn by the End of 2025?


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2022-04-09 2026-01-05 USD


Will Insight Prediction become a unicorn -- that is, a startup with a valuation of over $1 billion -- by the end of 2025? If yes, this market will resolve at one dollar. However, if Insight Prediction gains a valuation of $100 million or more, but less than $1 billion, this contract will resolve at the last valuation divided by $1 billion. For example, if the last valuation is $200 million, then $200 million/$1 billion = 20 cents. Valuation means the enterprise value of "Insight Prediction” that was received during the last transaction (e.g. venture financing transaction), due-diligence or any other reliable source.

There are no fees on this market. 

As with all markets, residents of the United States are not allowed to participate in this market.