Will Joe Biden Resign During his First Term?


Will Joe Biden Resign
Will Joe Biden Resign

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Implied Probability: 15%
European Decimal Odds: 6.667
American Odds: +566.7
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Market Open Date Market Close Date Currency Profit Fee
2022-05-19 2025-01-20 USD 5%


This market will resolve positively if President Joe Biden resigns the presidency and departs from the office of the presidency before 01/20/2025 11:59 AM (ET).

No scenario other than Mr. Biden resigning from and leaving office before the End Date will cause this market to resolve positively. Joe Bidens death, or a temporary transfer of presidential powers and duties under Section 3 of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution shall not be sufficient to cause this market to resolve to Yes.

There is a 5% profit fee on this market. End Date: 01/20/2025 11:59 AM (ET)